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Since the Philadelphia premiere we've recorded performances at locations central to our characters' tales and their historical backgrounds.  These recordings create permanent records, showcase the formidable skills of the Varshavski-Shapiro piano duo and the characters they portray, and allow Two Pianos to reach wider audiences.  Eventually, they may become a full-length documentary.


Each performance features different music and different incidents in our character's lives.  In addition to full performance videos, short 'highlights' excerpts capture specific moments or themes from these tales.  For example, three highlights videos from our Untermyer Gardens-Yonkers event showcase the Untermyer connection; Rachmaninoff music performed by Anna and Halina in 1936; and a Polish piece written under Nazi occupation during the time of the Warsaw Ghetto.  


An overview  "Sizzle Reel" captures the context of the Anna-Halina story plus clips of performances in Philadelphia. Leipzig, and Newark.


Please visit the Two Pianos YouTube channel play list to see these and more.

Select Video Clip from Rutgers/Newark October 2019 Performance

"1938 Deportation from Poland," 

Jola Hoffman: "experiencing the Holocaust" 

Excerpt from interview with Jola Schulsinger Hoffman 

Kean University Holocaust Resource Center NJ,  Nov. 1987

(now archived at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum)








Rutgers and Untermyer Gardens Full Performance DVDs with Audience Q and A Modules in HD format











English- and German-language Brochures


Paperbound, 32 pages, profuse color illustrations of Exhibit items with in-depth historical context

and a Two Pianos summary.



For information on current and forthcoming Penn Convoy Press publications, please visit our new Papers Please An Odyssey website. For information on (and purchasing) A Border Town in Poland: A 20th Century Memoir (2021) or Firebird: The Musical Life and Times of [Classical Pianist] Rebecca Burstein-Arber (2023), please click here.

Two Pianos Rutgers full performance DVD
Two Pianos Untermyer Gardens full performance DVD
Two Pianos English exhibit brochure cover
Two Pianos German exhibit brochure cover
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